Managing Tomorrow’s People: Where will you be in 2020?

"Employers who push their workers to deliver more, without monitoring and reviewing the impacts, will end up hurting themselves."

Kartina Abdul Latif
Executive Director
PwC Advisory Services

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So how much do we understand about Malaysian employees' priorities and expectations of employers? Are we really so different from the rest of the globe?

The Managing Tomorrow’s People: Where will you be in 2020? survey was conducted in early 2010 and is based on a total of 5,746 responses from 113 countries. Malaysian respondents to our survey told us that:

  • Employees are no longer concerned only about pay, and place emphasis on delivering value and working with companies with strong corporate responsibility ethos. 43% say their jobs should allow them to make a difference in the world, and 44% think that their ideal employers are companies whose values match their own.
  • More people picture themselves working in a virtual place, where employees of the future log on from any location, than they do from centralised hubs in major city centres. Surprisingly, it is the 16-25 year old bracket alone where a majority imagine an ‘office block’ in a city centre as their future workplace.
  • 43% of women and 42% of men choose themselves as the ideal employer, compared to 14% of all respondents who would want to work for an elite company that employs only the best. However, many may not feel our environment is conducive to entrepreneurs with only 19% expecting to be self-employed specialists in the next decade.

The race to capture the best has always been challenging, but with even less talent available in tomorrow’s world, we can expect a significant talent crunch with a potentially profound impact on organisations.

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