Information Technology (IT) is a major investment area for most organizations nowadays. However, the value of such investments is not always appreciated, nor its expected value fully derived from the investment; and in many cases, IT investment may be seen as high risk. While increased pressure exists to align IT expenditures to business needs, it is sometimes difficult for organisations to manage IT effectively for maximum returns on investment.

Clients continuously look for ways to get more out of their IT investment and initiatives. Our trusted advisors can work with you towards this end, helping you to understand the value of, and manage the costs and risks associated with IT. Our independent and objective approach provides end-to-end service from conceptualisation to realisation, covering planning, sourcing, project management, risk assessment, system controls, security, effectiveness and other services that are integral to proper IT management and operation.

Are you asking:

  • How do I know if my IT investments are yielding appropriate results for my business?
  • How can I ensure alignment between IT and the business?
  • How can I deliver IT systems on time and on budget?
  • How can I improve IT service levels?
  • How can I ensure that my IT projects run smoothly?
  • How do I evaluate whether out-sourcing or off-shoring is the right option for us?
  • Where can we cut costs without harming the business?
  • When does a regulatory issue become an IT requirement?
  • How do I reduce the overall cost of compliance and risk management?

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IT strategic plan development

Develop holistic IT strategic plan or blueprint covering core IT areas related to infrastructure and technology, IT people, strategy, processes and governance.

Tender specification, IT system selection and evaluation

Develop tender specification and provision of independent and best practice assistance during IT system evaluation and selection.

Project management and quality assurance

Provide comprehensive IT project management and quality assurance to enable proper delivery of system implementation and deployment.

IT governance development and optimisation

Develop or enhance key critical IT policies, procedures and processes to enable proper management and operation of IT function in an organisation.

ERP optimisation

Provide services to help improve and fine tune core processes and business flows of an organisation that uses SAP as their core IT system.

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IT Risk and Security

Provide advisory services to help measure and improve the information security posture of an organisation.



Making the most of your IT investment

The right technology can help you cut costs, become more efficient and grow your business.