International Tax Services / Mergers & Acquisitions

The global economy is expected to project a much healthier growth exceeding 3% this year due to the increase in world trade and the recovery of the global recession. Thompson Reuters has predicted a 17% rise in deal volume this year. The positive knock on effect is expected to have an upward surge on Malaysia’s M&A market.

Businesses go where growth is, which means the need to explore new opportunities and venturing beyond current markets and the status quo. Therefore in the age where information travels faster than the speed of light and everyone is striving to stay ahead of the game, it is important to optimise cost efficiencies whenever possible to thrive and succeed amongst the competition.

Our job is to listen, review, strategise and connect so as to provide entry and exit strategies to optimise investment. We walk the line with our clients on all stages of the project.

Do you …

  • need tax solutions to your cross border transactions?
  • require advice for mergers and acquisitions?
  • need assistance in a tax due diligence exercise as an acquirer or a disposer?
  • need help on start-up and advice on the cost of doing business in a country?
  • want advice on improving efficiencies through restructuring?
  • require assistance in application for tax incentives?
  • need help in maximising returns on repatriation of profits out of Malaysia?

How we can help

In a seamless global marketplace, the International Tax Services / Mergers & Acquisition (ITS M&A) Team provides integrated tax solutions for inbound and outbound investment. We also look into mergers and acquisitions and assist to assess the viability of your investment.

  • Providing innovative products and solutions sets;
  • Leveraging on global ideas and best practices to deliver value to you;
  • Combining our international tax advice and inputs from industry specialists;
  • Specialising in due diligence on mergers and acquisitions to identify any inherent tax risks and opportunities;
  • Providing post-deal assistance to maximise on potential tax efficiencies; and
  • Working with a wide network of international consultants within PwC firms worldwide