Systems and Process Assurance

More than ever, companies need to build confidence and trust into their business . Information Technology (IT) has become critical to the operations and competitiveness of organisations around the world. Effectiveness management of IT is under the spotlight because IT is typically among an organisation's top five expenditures, yet research reveals that an average of 10 to 25% of a company's total IT spend is wasted or used unwisely. In today's regulatory compliance environment, it's no wonder senior executives have serious, valid concerns about the risks IT poses in their organisations and the accountability of costs. Clients turn to our Systems and process Assurance (SPA) professionals to help them assess, design, implement, and maintain a secure and high-performance business infrastructure in:

Do you:

  • need confidence in the quality of the information produced by your IT systems.
  • need assistance in documenting or testing your internal controls over financial reporting.
  • need an independent review of your control structure, including identification of weaknesses and possible design enhancements.
  • rely on financial information from a third party and need independent assurance on that information.
Are you:
  • providing services to a company and you've been asked to provide a SAS 70 report.
  • implementing-or have just implemented-a new IT system and want a review of the controls.
  • entering into a joint venture or other transaction and need due diligence on systems and controls.
Turn to our Systems and Process Assurance professionals to help build controls around the financial reporting process, including financial business process and IT management controls.

Information Assurance
Provides independent third party assurance that operations comply with measurable and meaningful business practices and that policy statements (assertions) made by management are benchmarked against international best practices.
  • BS 7799 / ISO 17799 Readiness
  • IT Risk Assessment
  • IT Governance (COBIT)
  • 3rd Party Assurance
Threat and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Attack and Penetration Service;
  • Security Diagnostics and Mitigation;
  • Web Application Vulnerability Assessment; and
  • Wireless Perimeter Assessment.
Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
Disaster strikes when you least expect it. If your business is faced with a disaster, will you be able to cope with minimum disruption to your operations and protect your brand equity, shareholder value and market share? In BCP, we work with clients to develop the policies and methodologies to strategising, developing, implementing, testing and maintaining Business Continuity Plans for their organisation. Our key product offerings include:
  • Policy and framework for development of Business Continuity Plan
  • Threat and Business Impact
  • Enterprise-wide Business Continuity Planning and IT Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Facilitation of BCP Testing
  • User awareness and training
Identity Management (IdM)
As part of an end-to-end security solution, Identity Management (IdM) addresses an organisation's need for certainty in the areas of authentication, access control and user management. An integrated IdM solution identifies the user, determines what the user can do, determines the level of trust the user should receive, protects the organisation's information and alerts the user if information has been compromised.