Tax and the Regulatory Environment

Green taxation is used by governments to encourage more sustainable use of resources, presenting businesses with both new opportunities and new risks


What is the current Regulatory Environment?

  • Green Building Index (GBI)
    A green rating tool developed for Malaysian buildings, with tax incentives applicable to certified buildings
  • Carbon and tax
    Tax implications connected with its acquisition, holding, disposal and utilisation
  • Environmental incentives
    A series of tax incentives has been introduced to encourage a low-carbon economy

We can help you to:

  • Assess your current global exposure to environmental taxes and regulations; help you to manage risks and optimise your tax position from a sustainability perspective; and proactively engage with regional policy makers
  • Understand your sustainability compliance obligations and take advantage of subsidies, grants, taxes and other incentives; develop strategies that optimise the impact of carbon, climate change and resource scarcity on your tax position; and prepare for future policy developments
  • Understand your tax department’s role in supporting your sustainability strategy and making sure your sustainability investments are evaluated on an after-tax basis, with available incentives factored into your financial returns
  • Enhance your corporate reputation directly through sustainability-focused initiatives, and indirectly through your Total Tax Contribution
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