We can help you to:

  • Undertake internal audits to gauge the effectiveness of your internal controls and measures
  • Provide independent assurance of the data in your sustainability report as well as assurance for regulatory performance purposes, such as the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions; we’ll also verify and certify your data against social and environmental benchmarks in line with market standards like the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), GHG Protocol, and AA1000
  • Support your submissions to sustainability indices by helping you to interpret the questionnaire before submission; we'll also identify any gaps to improve your position in the rankings
  • Review your current reporting against best practices, identify operational improvements and move it beyond compliance to include future-looking analysis and strategies
  • Align measurable sustainability objectives with your corporate strategy based on financial, operational and regulatory performance measures
  • Assess how the life cycle of your products and services might impact your sustainability goals