Advisory: Business Strategy, Innovation & Transformation

We support development of strategies that are aligned with an organisation’s vision and business goals, and take into account organisation capacity and capability in order to develop realistic targets. We place emphasis on successful strategy implementation and focus on engaging the right stakeholders to increase buy-in to the strategic direction and implementation plans. We support the prioritisation of projects across the organisation to focus resources on achievement of strategic objectives and help project manage implementation of plans to guide the organisation towards success.

We draw on an extensive bank of direct experience as well as utilising the firm’s market leading global network of industry and technical specialist, local knowledge and resources.

The primary tension in all organisations is between running the organisation of today and creating the organisation of tomorrow. All successful innovators harness this tension to creative ends to enable radical innovation to emerge that will secure their future, while others fail to do so, experience maladaptive tensions which leads to organisational failure.

Running the organisation of today requires incremental innovation guided by a Lean Discipline focused on continually improving operational efficiency, while creating the organisation of tomorrow demands an Innovation Discipline to enable radical innovations to emerge that Lean Discipline will always kill.

Most organisations don't realise that their success at applying a Lean Discipline to their organisation to improve operational excellences create maladaptive tensions in their organisation which are the cause of their failure to develop radical innovation necessary for future survival. Successful innovators identify these tensions and transform them to creative ends and thereby develop an ambidextrous ability to apply both Lean and Innovation Disciplines within the same organisation at the same time.

Strategy formulation

  • Conduct competitive landscape analysis and internal capability assessment
  • Facilitate strategy review and development
  • Validate strategy plans against organization capacity, capability and market conditions
  • Cascade strategy into implementation plans
  • Aligning the organization from structure to process, people and culture


  • Diagnostic review of innovation capacity
  • Development of innovation framework
  • Implementation support for innovation framework

Project portfolio management

  • Inventorying projects across organisation
  • Prioritisation of project portfolio against capability, capacity, strategic priorities and risk appetite
  • Development of framework for project selection, prioritisation and approval

Programme and project management

  • Project Management Office (PMO) set up
  • PMO training
  • Project and programme training support
  • Readiness assessment for project execution
  • Project performance and review snapshot