Special Edition – PwC’s Thought Leadership on Sustainability

13 March 2013

Growing Sustainability Trends

The business community within ASEAN is starting to realise that there are opportunities to be seized by embracing sustainability practices. It is becoming more apparent that sustainability considerations have moved beyond philanthropy and ethics. More and more companies are actively pursuing ways to integrate sustainability principles into their businesses.

Companies are slowly beginning to recognise the strategic importance of sustainability in managing future risk. This realisation is vital, as preparing for the future will help companies to not only enhance their brand and reputation but also create new value and revenue opportunities to give them a competitive edge both regionally and globally.

For more insights:

Refer to PwC’s thought leadership recently launched on March 6th 2013. Titled "Going Beyond Philanthropy?" the report is a pulse check on the state of sustainability in the five top developing countries in ASEAN namely Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines. The report contains insights from a survey of 200+ companies, and highlights some interesting perspectives on the maturity of sustainability in the region.

It presents the following 8 key findings from companies surveyed:

  • Energy & Carbon related costs will replace brand enhancement as the number 1 sustainability driver over the next 5 years
  • > 80% say sustainability is extremely or very relevant, but less than 50% actually have a sustainability strategy
  • less than 5% have an appropriate leadership structure to drive sustainability
  • 80% do not manage sustainability in their supply chains
  • 64% report on sustainability
  • only 18% obtain external assurance
  • 1-in-5 say that sustainability is a regular agenda at Board meetings
  • 21% say they publish stakeholder dialogues