Special Edition – Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) 2013

25 March 2014

Carbon Disclosure Project Asia ex-Japan Climate Change Report: Facing the challenges of an uncertain future

The relevance of climate change to Asian businesses can no longer be ignored. Asian economies are amongst the most vulnerable to climate change risks and companies are being noticeably impacted. The integration of climate change into Asian business risks and strategies is integral to the future sustainable economic growth of Asia.

This report analyses the 2013 responses of a sample of 400 companies participating in CDP across Asia (ex-Japan). The Asia ex-Japan 400 sample consists of the 100 largest companies by market capitalisation in China, 100 largest in India, 30 largest from Korea and 170 largest from Hong Kong and South East Asian region.

Some highlights from the report:

  • The top 20 emitters in the Asia ex-Japan sample are responsible for 87% of the total Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions reported in the region. The majority of top emitters are making good progress on their emissions performance. Notably, 85% report that verification/assurance of their emissions is underway or has been completed.
  • One of the key themes that prevails throughout this year’s responses is companies’ focus on energy efficiency. Whether it is engaging policy makers, implementing energy saving initiatives or developing new energy-efficient products, it is clear that Asia ex-Japan companies are serious about tackling energy use.
  • Risk management is playing an important role in mitigating climate change impacts. Compared to 2012, an average of 50% more companies identify regulatory, physical and other climate-related risks.
  • Risks of climate change also have associated opportunities. Asia ex-Japan companies are embracing changes, recognizing the new opportunities that have emerged. There has been an increase in those that identify potential opportunities in other climate-related developments, especially with regards to reputation and changing consumer behavior.
  • Physical climate change impacts pose significant material risks to Asia ex-Japan companies. For the first time, more companies identify physical climate change risks as having the potential to substantially impact their business, over regulatory or other developments.

The 2013 CDP Asia ex-Japan report was co-written with PwC, CDP's Global Advisor and report writer since 2008. Download the report.

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