People & Change

Getting the best from people at every level during constant change is the key to sustainable competitive advantage. Great leaders know that change only sticks when the people it affects are involved in the process of bringing it about. This is because solid strategies, processes and technology alone do not deliver results. It takes people to accept, drive, and sustain change to bring lasting benefits to their organisation.

Attracting and keeping good people is central to stability and we help our clients to position themselves as an employer of choice by developing leading reward and retention strategies, improving HR function effectiveness and creating leadership and learning programmes for staff and management. We focus strongly on understanding the organisational culture and concerns of employees in order to create the solutions that fit and allow you to attract and retain the best people.

Do contact us to:

  • Assist managers and leaders develop their understanding and management of people
  • Deliver successful change programs by...
    • involving the people impacted and enabling them to drive and sustain the business change
    • setting up and managing a robust project management framework
    • prioritising.
  • Design processes that enable the control and coordination required to manage projects and programmes successfully, achieving the right business results
  • Design strategies for people development and growth
  • Engage and motivate a diverse workforce, and help them to focus on the right things and strive for excellence
  • Ensure the right people with the right skills are in the right roles at the right time
  • Establish a culture that enhances the organisations overall competitive advantage
  • Establish benchmarks for HR efficiency and effectiveness
  • Structure their organisation with the right capabilities and leadership to execute business strategy.

HR management

Organisations need to adopt a HR strategy that is aligned to business strategy and that is responsive to external considerations; also to ensure that the HR function has the capability to carry out its mandate and that it can provide effective people programs and practices. HR needs to be able to demonstrate its effectiveness back to the business, and provide a robust means of identifying the impact of its practices on business results. We can assist you:

  • Assess and improve effectiveness of the HR function, including the strategic impact of the function, the HR delivery model, and the practices, competencies and capabilities of HR staff
  • Design and implement a HR strategy capable of meeting an organisation’s goals
  • Develop organisation measurement and assessment solutions
  • Reduce and better manage HR costs.


Through Saratoga, we have the capability to benchmark HR processes and people outcomes against both public and private organisations from a range of industries around the globe. This allows us to underpin our expertise with hard data and identify areas for increasing efficiency. Learn more

HR transactions services

Our approach focuses on the key areas of workforce productivity, organisational and functional structure, roles and capability, HR process, interplay of labour, systems and processes, sales force effectiveness and reward structures. We can help you to:

  • Determine and quantify the impact of labour-based synergies on the bottom line
  • Understand the labour landscape and the health of the workforce.

Reward and performance

Creating the right reward plans for your employees is essential in attracting and retaining key staff and supporting the achievement of business objectives. We help implement programmess that meet the needs and strategy of your business, while complying with regulatory issues. Our services include:

  • Benchmarking
  • Employee equity schemes
  • Performance aligned reward
  • Reward governance
  • Reward strategy
  • Total reward alignment.

Talent engagement

Achieving sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace is dependent upon your ability to attract, recruit, engage, develop and retain key talent. Our services include:

  • Aligning customer and employee engagement
  • Employee engagement measurement
  • Employee value propositions and employer of choice
  • Individual assessment and competency models
  • Leadership and talent development
  • Resourcing and workforce planning
  • Succession planning
  • Talent management.

Transformational change

Many change programs do not achieve their goals due to a failure to adequately engage people and overcome resistance to change. PwC's change management methodology systemically supports either incremental or transformational business change, helping clients to achieve desired outcomes and benefits.

Our services include:

  • Change strategy and readiness
  • Large group interventions
  • Organisation simplification
  • Organisational culture and change
  • Strategy and visioning
  • Stakeholder management and communications

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