Licensing Management Services

Are you losing money? If your company has licensing agreements that are not being monitored, then the answer is probably yes.

Strategic alliances, licensing agreements, globalisation and an increasingly competitive environment necessitate a proactive rather than reactive, attitude towards Intellectual Property (IP). Malaysia is stepping-up IP protection and will soon see the creation of an “IP Court.” The 9th Malaysia Plan proposes measures to promote franchising, which is another form of IP licensing.

Do you:
  • want to maximise the value and potential of your IP?
  • face dilemma over under-reported royalties?
  • want to assess your franchise network loyalty?
  • want to send a signal to the market about your IP enforcement policy?

How can PricewaterhouseCoopers help?
  • We work with clients to enhance revenue streams and manage risk by examining compliance with licensing and franchising agreements.
  • Our integrated network of licensing professionals across Asia is a major asset for two reasons: First, most companies have widely dispersed license portfolios that require close coordination when being reviewed, and, second, many of the largest and potentially most problematic licensees are located in developing markets.
  • Our professionals have extensive IP knowledge across a broad range of industries.
  • Our practice is unique in employing forensic accountants, investigators and licensing professionals. This enables us to quickly identify possible fraudulent activity and recommend appropriate actions that you can take.
  • With more than 500 engagements completed globally, including a significant amount by international PwC staff based in Malaysia, we offer expertise in a wide facet of Licensing Management.
IP spans from copyrights to trade secrets; technical knowledge to brand name. IP licensing includes franchising. Talk to our Licensing Management professionals on how you can approach the challenges.