Assurance: Internal Audit & Assurance Solutions (IAAS)

The shifting focus of internal audit

Over the next five years, we expect the value of a controls-focused  approach to internal audit to diminish. To remain key players in assurance and risk management, internal audit leaders must redefine the function’s value proposition and adopt risk centric mindsets.

Are you prepared?

Your Internal Audit (IA) function must now assess and establish the appropriate balance of coverage between pure compliance assurance and other ‘value-adding’ services within your scope of activities and mandate. In addition to your current compliance assurance responsibilities, your IA function needs to step up and provide assurance to the effectiveness of risk management.

Providing tomorrow’s Internal Audit Model, today.

Here in PwC, our Internal Audit team consists of professionals capable of helping organisations to improve operations, and generating change across silos, sectors, technology platforms and jurisdictions. We can assist your IA function to provide assurance on effectiveness of risk management, focusing on areas and activities that impact your shareholders.


Are you satisfied with your internal audit function?

  • Is it helping the organisation improve operations?
  • Does it have the stature to generate change across silos, sectors, technology platforms and jurisdiction?
  • Is internal audit focused on areas and activities that impact shareholder value?

How can PwC help you?

  • Outsourcing and co-sourcing - Our solutions range from complementing your in-house internal audit function with our industry specific capabilities or wide geographical coverage to full outsourcing of your internal audit function.
  • Quality assurance reviews - We can provide you with insights on the existing state of your internal audit function in terms of conformance to current standards and provide a comparison of your internal audit function against leading practices.
  • Developing strategic plans and supporting initiatives - By providing strategic plans and supporting initiatives, we are able to assist in improving your operations and enhance internal audit activities that focus on increasing shareholder value.
  • Providing focused training - We can also develop training for your internal auditors using our extensive market and industry knowledge to create highly-tailored solutions.
  • Development of Internal Audit Function and Framework - We can advise and assist you in developing your Internal Audit department with our deep experience and expertise, by providing you with the right tools and guidance.