Tax: Indirect Tax

Indirect taxes affect businesses in many ways: compliance, pricing, cash flows and profitability, to name a few.

Thus, it is crucial for businesses to manage their exposure to indirect taxes and prevent unnecessary costs. Mistakes can be costly. Clients turn to our Indirect Tax professionals to help them manage and mitigate their indirect tax risks.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

How will it impact your business and what are the key issues you will face? Explore our GST Solutions to learn how we can help you.

Sales Tax Planning

In the pursuit to enhance profit margins, companies can lose sight of efficient and effective indirect tax management. Do you need to review your indirect taxes to radically boost your margins? Through our Indirect Tax Advisory Group, we work to minimise your sales taxes by:

  • segregation of the manufacturing and marketing / sales activities
  • review uplift imposed on sales value of locally manufactured goods
  • sales tax compliance review on facilities and procedures.

Do you need ...

  • indirect tax awareness training and education for your staff?
  • an indirect tax impact study on the your business operations?
  • to define your tax strategies and implement processes that will address the new challenges and explore opportunities that GST brings?

How we can help?

  • We have the one of largest global network of indirect tax professionals who have strong relationships with local authorities and policy makers.
  • We take a multi-disciplinary approach to indirect taxes, integrating with our specialist industry networks.
  • We have dedicated teams to coordinate our global client service and commit to execution within agreed timeframes. We use technology to deliver and connect with our customers