GRI modules and courses

No matter what your organisation's experience is with sustainability, we will have a course tailored to your knowledge of the sustainability reporting process.

*Latest addition* G4 Bridging Module – offered since the last quarter of 2013.

This module focuses on the key differences between the G3/G3.1 Guidelines and G4. The target group for this module is organisations and individuals that have already completed the GRI Certified Training Program, or will do so in the coming year.

For organisations and individuals that want to use the G4 Guidelines as soon as possible, GRI strongly recommends the following:

  • Complete the current GRI Certified Training Course
  • Sign up for the G4 Bridging Module as soon as this is offered (from mid-2013)

This is the quickest way for you to be prepared to use the G4 Guidelines

Current courses and modules:

GRI Certified Training Course

This 2-day workshop helps participants to understand and coordinate the GRI sustainability reporting process. This will be suitable for all organisations wanting to learn more about GRI and sustainability reporting, including beginners to sustainability.

GRI Certified SMEs Training Course

This is an adaptation of the GRI Certified Training Course focusing specifically on small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). It helps participants coordinate the GRI sustainability reporting process to produce a basic, GRI-compliant report.

GRI Certified Training Module on Stakeholder Engagement

This 1- day workshop focuses on dialogue with key stakeholders, and is recommended for participants who have attended the GRI Certified Training Course or GRI Certified SMEs Training Course. The module offers learning on the principles and concepts of stakeholder dialogue. Its objectives are to help you learn to define your key stakeholders and how to engage and dialogue with them.

Programme agenda

As a broad overview, the training agenda over the two days covers:

  • Sustainability context and introduction to GRI
  • Prepare: Plan your GRI sustainability reporting process
  • Connect: Dialogue with stakeholders
  • Define: Focus your efforts
  • Monitor: Build your report
  • Report: Check and communicate

Training Grants

Human Resource Development Council (HRDC)

Please note that companies that contribute to the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) are entitled to obtain a training grant from HRDC under the Skim Bantuan Latihan (SBL) scheme and (SBL) Khas Scheme.

Application is subject to HRDC's approval.

To apply  for the SBL or SBL Khas scheme, you must submit a completed form (PSMB/PGL/1/09 or PSMB/T/1/09 respectively), together with the detailed programme agenda and speaker's profile which we will provide to you upon request.

Industries we’ve trained since 2011 cover:

Oil and Gas
Government-linked companies
Utility service providers
Property development