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What if someone believed in you and your vision, the same way you do?
PwC EPC Services. It's what we do.

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Family business dynamics can build the family firm - or break it

Learn how we can help you understand and manage some of the key considerations for an effective family business to be sustainable over the next decade.

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Come Think With Us

Hiring an external consultant is very different when it’s your own money that’s at stake.

That’s why we’re inviting you to co-invest with us.

Call us up and we’ll arrange a session at no cost to you.

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Eric Ooi
Assurance Partner
Tel: +(60) 3 2173 0626

Fung Mei Lin
Tax Executive Director
Tel: +(60) 3 2173 1505

Michelle Chuo
Tax Senior Consultant
Tel: +(60) 3 2173 1289

Jack Lim
Advisory Manager
Tel: +(60) 3 2173 0731