Advisory: Valuations & Strategic Value

Central to the role of a CEO is creating shareholder value through business strategy. This leads to the need to...

  • reliably measure value, both tangible and intangible, under different complex scenarios; and thereafter 
  • putting in place the right strategies to enhance value.

It is within this very important space that PwC’s Valuations & Strategic Value (V&S) team works, delivering a complete Deals solution to our clients.

Clients regularly look to us to advise when...

  • they are in acquisitive or expansionary mode;
  • they are looking to diversify either geographically or into a new industry;
  • the Board/Management is seeking to steer the organisation in a new strategic direction;
  • they are anticipating and mitigating adverse impact on earnings resulting from investments that may be performing below expectations;
  • they are facing challenges in competitive landscape; or
  • market perceptions indicate that capital invested is not generating sufficiently attractive returns.