Advisory: Transaction Services

Acquirers can reap significant financial and strategic benefits through an acquisition. However, there are risks that need to be systematically identified and properly managed. Potential deal breakers may be overlooked and negotiation points compromised.

Due diligence helps identify deal breakers, uncover ‘black holes’, analyse financial and operational health, set negotiation parameters, challenge valuation assumptions and assess risks. Effective due diligence could uncover potential upsides and hidden value e.g., operational improvements, cost savings, revenue maximisation, turnaround/restructuring/synergistic opportunities, tax optimisation and better asset utilisation.

Do you:

  • Understand your target’s business?
  • Have adequate understanding of the financial information used in your valuation of the target?
  • Know how the target has truly performed in the past?
  • Know what is not being reported in the target’s balance sheet?
  • Know what are the financial and tax exposures?
  • Know how to address and follow up on the risks/deal issues identified?
  • Need to plan ahead or set a roadmap for post-deal purposes?

Understanding the different concerns and various strategic, financial and tax drivers behind each transaction is pivotal to making the right deal decision.

Support throughout the deal continuum:
Backed by a team of multi-disciplinary professionals from Tax M&A, Corporate Finance and Performance Improvement Consulting, we are in a position to assemble teams/expertise that is unique to each transaction. Our Transaction Services practice provides services throughout the deal continuum: from deal strategy, deal execution, negotiation support to post-deal integration with hundreds of due diligence exercises for transactions of various deal sizes, complexity and industry coverage behind us. In the past year, we worked on over 50 M&A transactions with an aggregate transaction value of about US$30 billion.

Crossing boundaries:
We have supported many leading Malaysian companies on their overseas transactions across ASEAN, Australia, China, India, Europe, and North America.

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Analysis and validation of key deal issues like:
  • Value drivers and operating cash flows
  • Net debt position/working capital
  • Quality of earnings and assets
  • Liabilities, contingencies and commitments
  • Direct and indirect tax contingencies
  • Related party transactions/stand-alone costs

Provision of inputs to support your bid and enhance your negotiation position

Identification of risks and proposal of price adjustment mechanisms, legal agreements and tax structuring

For more details, see our capability statement booklet.