Delivering Deal Value

Extracting value from your deal

Doing deals is always challenging. The large majority of deals fail to achieve their  intended financial or strategic objectives. Many companies are ill-prepared for the speed and intensity of the deal process.  

We help your business identify, quantify and deliver value to you with greater insight and confidence. We focus on many different aspects such as differing business practices, people and culture dimension, outlook and synergies.

How we can help you

  • Maximising Return on Divestment - Carve outs – Ensuring you obtain the highest sales proceeds in a highly competitive arena by focusing on future optimal operating model specific to the respective buyers
  • Seeing the bigger picture –Operational Due Diligence – Identify and prioritise operational aspects (which includes business plans, CAPEX and operational risks) and work with you to develop and execute plans for realising optimal operations 
  • Achieving M&A Integration Success – Ensuring that your M&A achieves its maximum potential and objectives by realising its deal synergies within a set timeline