Capital Projects & Infrastructure (CP&I)

Delivering value at the public/private interface

The Capital Projects & Infrastructure (CP&I) team works in asset intensive and regulated industries, often at the interface of the public and private sectors. We advise on the entire project finance value chain, including public-private partners hips (PPPs), critical infrastructure and physical property strategies. As part of the Corporate Finance team we bring a deals mindset and approach to all transactions.

As an independent advisor we work with governments, helping to shape their policy, develop frameworks and implement transactions. When advising bidders, we help clients to enter new markets and develop structures that are competitive, accessing local and international funds.

Whether it’s raising and structuring funding for infrastructure projects or procuring private sector partners for our public sector clients, we deliver solutions that fund new roads, upgrade housing, build schools, modernise hospitals, improve rail services and regenerate communities. As an independent advisor we engineer a truly competitive bidding process.

Clients can also leverage our Economic Advisory team which offers in-depth, insightful micro- and macro-economic analysis. We work in partnership with our clients in both the private and public sectors to provide rigorous and practical solutions from an independent and objective viewpoint.

Are you in a situation where you...

  • have insufficient experience in evaluating and managing deal process?
  • do not have the right tools to evaluate new opportunities?
  • are having trouble getting the best deal with potential partners?
  • do not know how to identify new growth areas/deals?
  • have trouble navigating regulations?
  • need to access cost competitive financing?
  • want to increase shareholder value?
  • are thinking of ways to make smarter analysis and decisions on risks?
  • need to assess the macro-economic impact of a project?
  • want to identify and understand the full financial and economic implications of your investment/divestment options?

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Economic Advisory Services

Our evidence-based advice is grounded in our use of robust analytics to understand markets and how they operate. We have in-depth understanding of business sectors, markets, government and regulatory processes, informed by our strong track record and knowledge of economic techniques, industry sectors, issues, institutions and processes, and domestic and international macro-economic prospects.

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Project finance

Whether you are from the private sector bidding for a government led project or from the public sector aiming to create an effective partnership, we have independently advised on more PPPs than any other professional services organisation and have specialist knowledge of deals in sectors such as real estate, power, water and waste, ICT, transport, education, health, and construction.

Feasibility studies

We conduct market surveys, competition surveys, key success factors analysis and strategic positioning to assess a portfolio of activities. We also assist in developing concept papers and bid submissions. Every project is driven by their value drivers, which ensure the success or failure of the investment. We identify the key value drivers and advise our clients on invest or divest decisions.

Financial modelling/structuring

We work with our clients to understand and analyse a business' key commercial and financial drivers, and then design, build and review financial models that are robust and flexible with insightful, fact-based outputs to help our clients understand the impact of different financial or commercial assumptions on their cash position, profit, tax or financing structure.

Fundraising advice

There is no shortage of options for businesses wishing to raise funds, but selecting the optimal structure is challenging. Whether through a public or private market, through equity or debt instruments, our extensive experience covers all possible scenarios and our independence means that we focus solely on identifying and structuring the best source of finance for our clients.


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