Malaysia's Gen Y Unplugged

The ‘Malaysia’s Gen Y unplugged’ research is part of PwC’s ongoing ‘Managing tomorrow’s people’ series, and is the Malaysian perspective of the global PwC report, ‘Millennials at work’. The survey found that Gen Y are a new breed of workers with unique expectations.

Cash is king to them (49% rate cash bonuses the most valuable benefit) and Corporate Responsibility (CR) is also high on their agenda. They are more mobile (91% believe they will work across geographic borders) and they expect increased flexibility (58% desire some flexible working hours).

The Gen Y, who are sometimes misunderstood, may be difficult to manage but like it or not, they make up a sizeable portion of today’s workforce and have the potential to help organisations take on the upswing fully prepared. In order to make the most of this potential, however, employers will need to truly understand the Gen Y and this is what the PwC Malaysia survey aims to help organisations do. 

There were 346 respondents to the Malaysian survey, and only the Generation Y (Gen Y) among PwC employees were polled for this survey conducted in December 2008. Gen Y or the millennials refer to individuals born from 1980 onwards and who entered the workforce after 1 July 2000.

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