The CDP Asia ex-Japan Climate Change Report 2013 - Facing the challenges of an uncertain future

Asia is home to some of the world's fastest growing economies. However, this region is also the most vulnerable to the impacts from climate change. We've already experienced various climate change impacts which are only expected to get worse in the coming years.

With growth essential to so many Asian economies as they continue to lift their people out of poverty, it is crucial that climate change is integrated into Asian business strategies to ensure sustainable economic growth.

This report analyses the 2013 responses from the Asia ex-Japan 400 sample. The Asia ex-Japan 400 sample consists of the 100 largest companies by market capitalisation in China, 100 largest in India, 30 largest from Korea and 170 largest from Hong Kong and South East Asian region. These are considered to be the companies of greatest interest to investors and represent a sample which can be meaningfully compared to each other in terms of size and significance to the region’s economy.