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You never know what to expect in today’s unpredictable world.  Global pandemics, typhoons, landslides and computer viruses are just some of the disasters that can disrupt a business.  We are looking for Business Continuity Management professionals to work with our clients to prevent operational interruptions, crises and disasters from occurring and assist organisations to return to a state of “business as usual” following a disaster.  You would be joining the top Business Continuity Management team in Malaysia and meeting the movers and shakers of the nation’s business community.   


  • A strong degree in any discipline with avid interest in business process and consulting
  • 5+ years of working experience required for the Manager position;
  • Practical experience in implementing, executing and delivering BCM related services, such as:
    • Development of BCM Framework and policy
    • Conduct Business Impact Analysis,
    • Develop recovery strategies,
    • Develop and document BCM plans,
    • Develop and facilitate BCM testing, exercises and Crisis Simulation exercise,
    • Conduct BCM reviews and assessment
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills in both oral and written English and Malay
  • Effective project management, interpersonal and influencing skills
  • Knowledge of BCM standards, guidelines and best practices
  • BCM certification e.g. Associate Business Continuity Planner (ABCP) / Certified Business Continuity Planner (CBCP) / Master of Business continuity Institute (MBCI) is an added advantage