What's social media going to get me?

You may already be using social media in business or just starting out. Perhaps you're wondering how you can get buy-in from your CEO.

Or you're just curious about the inner workings of social media and how it can impact your bottom line.
Whatever the case, we're sure you're keen to find out more about social media and what's the best way to manage it, to deliver meaningful ROI for your business.

Here's your chance to submit your burning questions on social media in business and have them answered by two of our Gen Y people.

Answers will be presented Twitter style (in 140 characters!) in The Edge Malaysia next month.


  1. Send in your questions* from 17 - 21 February.
  2. Facebook, Tweet or post your questions on LinkedIn.
    • Mention @PwC_Malaysia in your tweets and hashtag #pwcsocial

    * You can send in as many questions as you wish.

  3. We will randomly select the best questions to be answered by our Gen Ys, Nabiya Anthony and Sarah Lee
  4. Answers will appear in an article in The Edge Malaysia next month.

Why the Gen Ys?

Is social media only a Gen Y thing?

Not really. But our Gen Ys Nabiya Anthony (a management consultant) and Sarah Lee (a PR professional) are digital natives after all, and their insights could very well guide businesses on what works for consumers or what appeals to them.

If you think about it, the Gen Ys could very well form the bulk of your consumers.

Take the first step and use this Q&A to connect with us!

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