Media coverage

Below is a list of news articles following the launch of our 'Getting social: Social media in business' report on 9 December:

  • 22 March: Why social media? Y not? (The Edge Malaysia)
    Our GenY digital natives Nabiya Anthony (a management consultant) and Sarah Lee (a PR professional) answer fans' burning questions on social media in business, Twitter-style (140-characters), in this week's Edge article. This article which shows why social media makes good business sense, is the final part of the series based on our Getting social: Social media in business report.

  • 10 March: Social media aide-memoire for boards (The Edge Malaysia)
    Sundara Raj is consulting leader in Malaysia for PwC's South East Asian Consulting services. This article, which shares why social media deserves a spot on the boardroom agenda, is the second of three fortnightly article based on the PwC Malaysia report "Getting social: Social media in business".

  • 24 February: Finding my tweet spot on social media (The Edge Malaysia)
    I encourage business leaders out there to seriously consider why social media can bring benefits to their business and themselves, by embracing the 3As of tomorrow’s leader - be accessible, authentic and aware, says PwC managing partner Sridharan Nair.

  • 30 December: Getting social (The Edge Malaysia)
    Social media is a business issue. Like any item on the business agenda, there needs to be direction from the top, says PwC Malaysia marketing and communications lead Stephanie Caunter in reference to PwC Malaysia's recently released report "Getting social: Social media in business".

  • 20 December: Social media the new ad currency? Think again (Advertising & Marketing Malaysia)
    Social media reputation requires time to build, especially when it comes to increasing C-suite presence on social media. But it's a necessary step companies need to take in order to support their reputation and actions offline in a physical world, says Sundara Raj, leader of PwC Malaysia's Consulting practice, in reference to a new study on social media by PwC.

  • 17 December: Getting social: Social media in business (BFM Resource Centre)
    While no one denies the centrality of social media, many find disconnects between what businesses think they are doing and what their customers see and experience. PwC Australia digital intelligence lead, Jason Juma-Ross shares his views on the business impact of going social.

  • 12 December: The business of going social - Social media metrics? (Digital News Asia)
    According to PwC Australia digital intelligence lead, Jason Juma-Ross, it takes an organisation a long time to embrace social media channels because many of these companies already have established processes and large investments built into their existing channels. He was speaking at a panel discussion in conjunction with the release of PwC Malaysia's 'Getting social: Social media in business' report recently.

  • 12 December: The business of going social (Digital News Asia)
    While enterprises in Malaysia generally acknowledge the power of social media as a genuine tool to enhance prospects and create brand awareness amongst consumers, they do not comprehensively understand how it impacts their business, nor do they have formal methodologies to track its return-on-investment (ROI), revealed a new study by PwC.

  • 10 December: Survey: Most local firms not social media savvy (The Sun)
    Malaysian companies are fairly active on social media but they do not recognise how it impacts their business, according to PwC Malaysia's inaugural report on social media.