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CEO profiles

Ahmad Izham Omar
CEO, Media Prima Television Networks and Primework Studios

Izham believes that content is the future. He champions the use of effective content creation strategies in catering to the diverse interests of the nation’s viewers. For Izham, social media, when used hand in hand with a mass market medium like TV or radio, has the potential to amplify the sociability of a piece of content. He has led several notable integrated marketing campaigns which went viral on social media.

Christopher Tock
Social Entrepreneur and Co-founder
EYE Project

Chris is a social media influencer. A former investment banker, he turned his passion for social media into a social business to develop Malaysia’s future leaders. He works actively with youths to solve unemployment issues and optimise Malaysian talents through youth marketing platform Empowering Youth Endeavours (EYE) Project. He also works with other digital influencers in providing community-based social media solutions to entrepreneurs and growing businesses through SocialGrooves.

Joel Neoh
International Vice President and Head Groupon Asia Pacific (APAC)

Joel is one of the initial founders of Groupon (previously Groupsmore before Groupon acquired it) in Asia. He successfully built Groupon into one of the largest e-commerce businesses in the region without relying on traditional forms of advertising. People-powered advertising or crowdsourcing via social media has played a pivotal role in growing its membership base, especially during the early days of the business.

Dato’ Rohana Rozhan
CEO, Astro Malaysia Holdings

Dato’ Rohana leads one of Malaysia’s and South East Asia’s leading media group. As CEO, Rohana is committed to enabling a winning team, comprising dynamic talent, both on and off air, and best in classes, across the group to ensure Astro remains customers’ brand of choice.

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Question 2

How you can make social media work for the business

Ahmad Izham Omar (Izham), CEO of Media Prima Television Networks and Primeworks Studios shares how organisations can seize new opportunities from social media. Hear his story in this video, along with some interesting insights from Dato Rohana Rozhan, CEO of Astro Malaysia Holdings.

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Are CEOs in Malaysia slow to take on social media?

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How will social media evolve 3 to 5 years down the road?

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Question 5

What's a CEO to do (and not do) on social media?

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