C-suite engagement

A 10 minute quickie for the C-suite

As a CEO, you can't afford to ignore social media and its impact on your business today. Download our C-suite pullout for some quick facts and tips.

"In January of 2013, I plunged head first into the world of social networking – my Twitter account @Sri_PwC went live. And life as I knew it, has not been the same since. Today, Twitter helps me connect with our Gen Y people and our potential recruits, and learn about what’s important to them. I also get a feel of the market pulse and environment we’re working in."

- Sridharan Nair, PwC Malaysia, Managing Partner

"More and more brands are getting on board as they see this as a key platform to reach out to their customers. It's less regulated compared to other media and has WAY more platforms than traditional media.….Brands are always worried about what people are talking about them online. Getting on social media helps them manage these conversations."

- David Wong, Nuffnang Malaysia, Country Manager

“Many of our merchants weren’t on social media before Groupon partnered with them. Since they were featured on Groupon, a lot of them now have a Facebook page to engage with new customers who have previously never heard of their brand before.”

- Joel Neoh, Groupon Asia Pacific, International Vice President & Head

“How we look at social media is there’s the immediacy of it, an interaction element to it, and a different way for us to engage (our viewers).We’ve harnessed this platform. Our people are engaging, listening and acting upon the consumer’s immediate feedback and interacting with them.”

- Dato’ Rohana Rozhan, Astro Malaysia Holdings, CEO

“Find out what social media is really about. As the CEO, this is PR and branding not only for yourself, but for the company itself. So take it very, very seriously.”

- Christopher Tock, EYE Project, Co-founder & Social Entrepreneur

“There is a stigma that if you’re a CEO, you need to have a certain voice and laugh a certain way …. You need to have a certain stature. But the younger CEOs are talking to out there. So they don't mind saying what they think and the audience don't mind them doing that. They seem more human and this is because of the way organisations have changed.”

– Ahmad Izham Omar, Media Prima Television Networks & Primeworks Studios, CEO

Some interesting findings based on an online straw poll that we ran involving PwC employees and fans/followers of our social media platforms:

77% feel a CEO’s presence on social media directly impacts how they feel about the brand

75% feel organisations are not doing enough to embrace social media as a business tool

50% prefer to receive news on the company's developments from the CEO or business leader via social media compared to internal e-newsletters