Financial Services

Change and the pace of change, are very significant factors impacting the Financial Services sector. Deregulation, the push towards consolidation, corporate governance, transparency, value reporting, globalisation of capital flow and, the ever-present need for value creation are shaping our Financial Services sector.

Banking & Capital Markets

Banking & Capital Markets covers commercial banks, merchant banks, finance companies and Islamic banks, equity market, bond market, derivatives market, Islamic capital market and the stock-broking industry. The Malaysian Islamic financial sector is seen as one of the most progressive and innovative in the world given the numerous incentives planned and further liberalisation in the coming years. It is set to become an Islamic finance powerhouse.


The insurance sector covers both life and general insurance. The insurance players include insurers, re-insurers and insurance brokers.

Investment Management

Our Investment Management team works with clients in unit trusts, asset management and other pension funds (public and private sector).