GRI G4 Breakfast Sesssion

19 June 2013, Wednesday

Opening remarks
MGCC Executive Director Alexander Stedtfeld
PwC Associate Director Rashyid Anwarudin

Hot seat session moderator
Adelene Anthony, Manager, PwC Advisory Services Malaysia

Hot seat guests:

  • Immy Ooi, Corporate Responsibility Manager, Nestle
  • Rajifah Ramli, Corporate Responsibility, DiGi

MGCC and PwC Malaysia conducted a breakfast session to provide an overview of the changes from the Global Reporting Initiative G3.1 to G4 Guidelines. 

The 3 main areas of change in G4

  • Reporting levels
  • Materiality & boundary setting
  • Standard disclosures

PwC Malaysia Advisory associate director Natasha Yap explaining the key differences between the G3.1 and the new G4 Guidelines.

Hot seat session with Immy from Nestlé and Rajifah from DiGi moderated by PwC Malaysia Advisory manager Adelene Anthony.

Some important takeaways during the panel session:

According to Rafijah Ramli, Digi ...

  • The rigorous process we had in place made it easy for DiGi when it came to reporting.
  • We empower every employee at DiGi to own our sustainability efforts. This helps when it comes to reporting.
  • From a positive aspect, G4 helps us identify the issues and what solutions need to be in
    place to address these issues.
  • In terms of materiality, there is a possibility that we have a lot more to report
    on with the new G4.
  • On annual basis, we do an index survey to get feedback from our internal and external stakeholders.

According to Immy Ooi, Nestle ...

  • For Nestle, carbon disclosure has never been the main thing reported on - we believe
    there is more.
  • For Nestle, the challenge with the new G4 is for us to understand in full what it is all
    about and aligning it with our global HQ.