FATCA: Gearing up

9.00 am – 11.00 am (Registration from 8.30 am onward)

Level 16, PwC Training Centre, Sheraton Imperial Hotel (Office Tower) Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL


On 8 February, the US Treasury Department issued the long awaited FATCA Proposed Regulations. The proposed regulations - all 388 pages - provide detailed and comprehensive guidance on what Foreign Financial Institutions (FFIs) need to do to comply with FATCA and avoid 30% withholding on their U.S. source income.

There are numerous significant changes from the earlier tentative guidance  issued  previously in the form of Notices. FFIs now have the information needed to earnestly begin addressing FATCA compliance. 

PwC is organising a briefing to help you understand the new FATCA regulations. Our speaker, Greg Lamont is a US tax partner based in PwC Thailand and heads the US tax consulting for the South East Asia region.


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