part of it:

We want to be consistent with our knowledge, services and relationships while making a difference in our communities and through our business.

We’ve refreshed our approach to Corporate Responsibility (CR) to strengthen our range of initiatives and increase our impact.

Here’s our strategic intent, expressing our ambition – what we aim to do and to be.


To help us reach our strategic intent, we have four focus areas. We’re committed to:

  • Being a responsible business by creating value for businesses and our communities in the areas of ethics, integrity and trust, and using our core skills to help address issues central to CR today.
  • Supporting diversity in our workforce and being more inclusive, and promoting a healthy work-life balance.
  • Community engagement by creating socio-economic value through our skills and experience. We help local communities with a focus on helping young people achieve their potential and education.
  • Environmental stewardship by respecting, understanding and reducing our impact on the environment.


We've been active in the CR space for many years, read about our initiatives here.