Environmental Stewardship

Our planet is getting warmer and climate irregularities are becoming the norm. This is mainly because of an increase in greenhouse gases contributed by human activity.

It’s a global problem but one that we’re helping to address.

What have we done?

We've been measuring and tracking our carbon footprint for the Kuala Lumpur office in the following categories since FY10:

  • Direct emissions (scope 1) – Emissions from vehicles under PwC’s control.
  • Indirect energy emissions (scope 2) – Emissions from electricity consumed within the office deemed to be within PwC’s operational control.
  • Other indirect emissions (scope 3) – Emissions relating to paper use, business related travel, electricity transmissions and distribution losses, and base building emissions.

"We recycled 30 tonnes of paper in KL office from 2007 to 2013"

Our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for the KL office was 3,735 tonnes in FY12. The biggest emission source is electricity consumption, which comes from electricity, electricity transmissions and distribution losses and base building emissions. The second largest emission source is air travel. Our people have opportunities to engage in cross-border assignments and this contributes to the travel miles.