Community Engagement

We're only as strong as the communities in which we operate. So it makes good sense for us to be a responsible citizen, which includes supporting local communities with the skills and resources that we have.

What do we have in place?

Community Outreach Programme (COP)

Community Outreach Programme (COP) gives our people the opportunity to volunteer at children’s homes to tutor and assist in administrative tasks from May to November every year.

We’re expanding the COP to improve on its sustainability by starting the ‘Fund Their Future’ Programme. It's meant to help children at our Community Outreach Homes who struggle academically but are good with technical skills.

We hope to give them skills to depend on, to earn a living and contribute to the society. This is especially important because they will leave the Homes at 17 years old, most without plans for the future.

We’ve also worked with EWRF (Education Welfare Research foundation) to identify their interest and strengths because identifying which vocational course is suitable.

12 years,
117,364 volunteering hours




The PageTurner programme came about when we noticed that many children on the COP could barely read or write.

We then started this programme in 2010 to give our people the opportunity to address literacy and poor reading skills for the children at our COP homes.

CR Challenge

The CR Challenge was launched in 2010. The programme gives our people the opportunity to drive community contribution or environmental conservation for non-profit organisations of their choice.

In 2011, PwC Malaysia continued to support the cause of the four winning teams to ensure sustainability of the programmes. The CR Challenge was run again in 2012 with 5 teams participating.

We rolled out a Campus Edition of the CR Challenge to selected campuses in 2013 as a pilot programme as an investment in youth development and to increase awareness of responsible leadership.

CR Challenge 2012 winner: Bake for Dough. Through skill transfer and equipping the beneficiaries with tools, the team created a source of long term sustainable income for a group of physically challenged individuals so that they can be financially independent and not depend on funding or charity.

Runner’s up : Project T2B (Tees to Bag) created awareness for trafficked women and abused domestic maids at PwC ; Supported an effort which enabled these women to find a legal means to earn a living with dignity through a sale of ‘tees made into bags’. Funds raised was used to help 1 trafficked woman to return home.

Terry Fox Run

The Terry Fox Run is an annual noncompetitive charity event held in numerous regions around the world in commemoration of Canadian cancer activist Terry Fox and his Marathon of Hope, and to raise money for cancer research.

We have participated in the Terry Fox Run in Kuala Lumpur for the past 3 years. PwC subsidised 40% of the participation cost for our people, and funds collected were channelled to the Cancer Research Initiatives Foundation (CARIF).

Rat Race

The Rat Race is one of our yearly CR events - we’ve participated in it since 2000. Every year, local and foreign companies in Malaysia are encouraged to take part in the Kuala Lumpur Rat Race. Donning work clothes and assorted accessories like handphones and briefcases, the participating teams contributed funds to beneficiaries and charities all around Malaysia.

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Mentoring workshops for students by PwC's young professionals. Helping students discover their potential, believe in themselves and help them go further through workshops on soft skills.

This programme started in 2010 in the KL office and we’ve extended our reach to a school in Penang. There are plans to extend to more schools in KL.


Aspire to Lead

15 May 2015
What would you do if you weren't afraid?

"Be brave to speak my mind and take the outcome positively, whatever it may be" - Ameenah Azman, ASR (IX).

We hosted a group of accounting students from University Malaya (UM) for the Aspire to Lead workshop with the focus on building confidence. Held in the KL office on a Friday morning, this workshop was organised to prepare the students for their transition from university to workplace.

With the overall theme of 'what would you do if you weren't afraid?', the students watched the PwC Global Aspire to Lead webcast on gaining confidence (have a look! we found it useful too).

We also had a panel discussion with two PwC staff, Ameenah Azman and Aishah Abdul Latiff where they shared their experiences and interesting insights on how to stand up for yourself, be more confident and speak up.

We'll be organising the next Aspire to Lead workshop with another local university soon. Do keep a look out for the update! or let us know if you have a good story to share.

More pictures of the Aspire to Lead workshop on our Facebook or on Twitter.

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Aspire to Lead

Teach for Malaysia Flipped

Teach for Malaysia Flipped

16 May 2015
Presentation skills

"We saw many breakthroughs that day. The kids surprised us, by taking the Big Bold step to speak up and used English! The kids are excited and looking forward to the next workshop." - Jasmine, TFM fellow at SMK Jelai (Felda)

Continuing our support for the Teach For Malaysia (TFM) Flipped programme for the second year, we ran a session on presentation skills for 14 and 15 year olds.

The students learned some basic presentation skills which involved verbal and non-verbal communication. They were asked to bring a photo they took and present/share their stories in small groups. The volunteers then shared their feedback on the students' presentations and gave them pointers on how to ace their presentations.

At the end of the session, the students stepped out of their comfort zone and did another round of presentation in English. According to the TFM teachers, the students improved a lot and this session has helped boost their self-confidence. We're very proud of them too!

Check out Twitter for details and photos #PwCMYCR.

Next up, Photoblogging workshop!


Read about our progress in the CR report or follow our progress on Facebook and Twitter.