Have a question?

Making a career decision is an important step in achieving your ambition. You probably have lots of questions whilst considering your options.

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you along the way.

Should you require any further assistance, do contact our Human Capital team or email us your enquiry at career.enquiries@my.pwc.com

If I receive a job offer from PwC but still have lots of questions to ask about the firm, can I come back to see you before making my decision?

Absolutely! Before deciding to join us, we encourage you to make an appointment for a chat with our staff about any questions or concerns you may have.

After all, it’s just as important that you feel right about us as it is for us to feel right about you.

What does the recruitment process entail and how long does it takes?

The process is structured differently for various areas of the business, but as a general guide, the recruitment procedure entails filling in an online application form, attending an assessment session and if short-listed, you will be invited to attend one or two interviews.

The requirement to complete the exercise will depend on the service line to which you are applying for. From start to finish, the procedure takes between two to six weeks.

Can I gain exposure in other divisions/ departments?

Staff can be seconded to other divisions or departments for short periods to get a better understanding of the work they perform.

Transfers are based on your experience and performance, as well as the respective division and/or department's needs.

Is it possible to change from one service line to another within PwC?

We promote the development of individual careers and are therefore not averse to transferring staff to another line of service to gain additional experience.

This is with the precondition that the individual has the necessary aptitude, development potential and meets appropriate business needs.

How would you describe the working relationships within the firm?

PwC has always upheld an open door policy.

The aim is to strengthen bonds between staff of all levels. To cut to the chase, ours is an environment where people play as hard as they work.

What training and support do I get as I pursue my professional qualifications?

Training comes both on the job and through intensive revision courses.

These courses are conducted by a professional accountancy tuition company for professional examinations such as MICPA, ACCA, CPA Australia, ICAA, and ICAEW.

The firm provides financial support as well as study leave for various professional examinations. Your manager and peer group, as well as career coach assigned to you, will guide and assist you all the way.

You will also be attending training courses aimed at enhancing your IT skills and broadening your technical knowledge of the service line you work in.