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Let’s hear from our interns on their PwC Experience.

Abdul Raof Abdul Latif
Bachelor of Science in Business (Finance & Supply Chain Management)
Indiana University, Bloomington

I was fortunate to be placed in a unit that has been the talk of bankers and financial regulators everywhere. I was exposed to different companies from different industries in Malaysia. This enabled me not only understand more about businesses here in Malaysia but also find out the parallels and differences between the different business environments. Having a caring and supporting team also meant an easier transition from college-mode to office-mode.


Dhivia Rajindran
Bachelor of Accounting
Multimedia University

PwC is definitely a great stepping stone to chart a career as it moulds us to be outstanding individuals of the future. Throughout my internship, I have gained great exposure and insight to the world of audit. I also learnt the importance to lead by example and have good relationships with clients as well as colleagues.


Diana binti Mahbob
Bachelor of Accountancy
University Teknologi MARA

My 6 month internship at PwC has been a great learning experience! You are able to work with people who are experienced in different areas and gain various skill sets that are important to me as a graduate. It is also great to know that there is always someone ready to lend you a welcoming hand or simply take the time to share their different points of view.


Liyana Aqelah Binti Mohamad Rizzuan
Bachelor of Commerce in Accountancy and Finance
The University of Auckland

From Tax investigations to comical moments with the other interns, everyday is a new learning experience to look forward to. The hands-on experience of dealing with clients has helped me improve tremendously on my soft skills. Apart from that, my stint in PwC has made me realised that internships are not just resume builders but it is also having the opportunity to explore a field you could possibly fall in love with. It is like the walkway leading up to a house. Looking forward, you assess the house and see if the architecture is your style. By the time you get inside, you'll have a better idea if it's a place you could see your self living.