Career development

PwC believes that learning is a continuous process which fundamentally moulds our experiences and character. We place emphasis on learning and development to nurture the talent of our people and equip them with the right skills. It is a combination of career development and career potential that makes your PwC Experience a unique and distinctive one.

Learning & Development: Our Learning & Development (L&D) team manages the design, development and delivery of learning and development initiatives aimed at continuous performance improvement for our people as they contribute to the success of our firm. The programmes are designed with a focus on shaping a successful and rewarding career for our people.

Training: The firm will support your studies towards professional qualifications such as the Chartered Accountancy (CA) programme, or other learning programmes specific to your development needs and in line with our business objectives

Variety of work: From your first step into PwC you are offered a chance to move beyond the confinements of the office walls and take on new challenges within your role. This could include working on a range of projects at various locations and learning about the clients’ products and services.

Mobility: At regular intervals we encourage you to acquire a greater depth of knowledge and skills. This may involve being a part of a new team dynamic, holding varying responsibilities within the same team or complying with a geographical move. The options available are dependent on the area you wish to pursue.

Coaching: Honest, open and personal conversations about your development objectives start off early – your primary encounter would be with your career coach during your 1st Experience. Aside from an assigned career coach who will advise you on longer-term career goals, you will also have a ‘buddy’ to help you settle in.

Feedback: Regular, constructive, focused feedback is part and parcel of life at PwC and you are expected to take it in your stride as well as deliver similar feedback to others as well. This will draw your attention to areas which you may need to further develop and build on.

Self awareness:
Each of us has our own strengths and weaknesses. For the purpose of self improvement, it is important to acknowledge our weaknesses and devise appropriate methods to mediate these areas while building on our existing strengths. We assist you in your efforts for self betterment through feedback, coaching and formal learning.