International Women's Day 2013

PwC Malaysia has been organising events to engage and inspire our people in conjunction with International Women’s Day for the past five years. This year, we organised sharing sessions on poignant, universal issues revolving around women at the workplace, diversity, and human rights.

Talk show and office gig

Our first event of the week, a talk show on human trafficking was very well received by our people. Human trafficking was an issue championed by one of our CR Challenge* teams. PwC’s corporate responsibility (CR) team followed through to create greater awareness around this topic among our people.

Indie artiste Kenny Tay wowed the crowd with his soothing vocals and jazzy guitar solo. His smooth rendition of evergreen love songs, set the tone for the talk show which followed after.

Our panellists, from two prominent Malaysian non-governmental organisations (NGOs), spoke passionately about human trafficking, its prevalence in our society, and why businesses should be more involved in this cause.

Kelvin Lim, Founder, Change Your World

Guest speakers:
Daniel Lo, Country Manager, Coalition to Abolish Modern-day Slavery in Asia (CAMSA)
Aegile Fernandez, Migrant Worker Coordinator, Tenaganita

Memorable quotes from the panellists:

Daniel Lo
“When money becomes more important than liberty, it’s slavery. As a society, we have become normalised to this. And it happens in our households. When you hire a domestic worker, your humble abode is transformed into a place of employment. You owe that person decent respect.”

“Individually, we have limited resources. But we can tap on the power of networks. Build a network of donors and volunteers. Recruit others and fund raise.”

Aegile Fernandez
“Behind every face of a victim, there is a story.”

“Statistics show that when domestic workers are given a day off and treated equally, the chances of them running away, decreases.”


Hot seat session

This dialogue session was our second International Women’s Day event. A panel of internal speakers, comprising four PwC Malaysia Executive Directors spoke candidly about a variety of issues, spanning their careers, parenthood, mentoring and support networks, diversity and women-friendly workplace policies.

It was a diverse group with fair representation from each line of service and both genders.

Pauline Lum, Executive Director (PwC Malaysia tax practice)
Yap Sau Shiung, Executive Director, PwC Malaysia internal firm services)
Gan Wee Fong, Executive Director, PwC Malaysia assurance practice)
Victor Saw, Executive Director, PwC Malaysia advisory practice)

Stephanie Caunter, Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications

Memorable quotes from our panellists:

Pauline Lum: "I asked myself how do bees manage to fly around from flower to flower all day, with a round body supported by small little wings? It's because they don't know any better and don't see that as a limitation in realising their potential. It's the same for women (and men) - we shouldn't limit ourselves."

Yap Sau Shiung: “Trust is a big part of the equation. Peer support is important for flex arrangements.”

Gan Wee Fong: "Work life balance means different things to everyone. I sometimes work late due to deadlines. But when there is some down-time, I leave the office early to be with my family."

Victor Saw: "The challenge is to balance work and life. I made a commitment to my family to stay home on weekends. Had to sacrifice something...I gave up golf."

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* CR Challenge is a corporate responsibility (CR) programme launched by the PwC Malaysia Kuala Lumpur office in 2010. The programme gives our people the opportunity to drive community contribution or environmental conservation for non-profit organisations of their choice. Check out the photos from the 2012 CR challenge on our Facebook Page.