Reflecting on the PwC Experience

Making connections today is planting seeds for tomorrow. At PwC, many of our people will be movers and shakers wherever they go.

We were lucky to be able to speak to three of our alums, who shared their thoughts about the value of their PwC Experiences.

Creating value that lasts

“Quality is embedded from the day we join the firm. I carry this with me until today. Even my current team at ACCA says that I have very high standards,” laughs PwC alum Jennifer Lopez, Country Head of ACCA Global.

Peter Wee, Chief Operating Officer of Ricoh Malaysia, was at PwC for 20 years. He realised that client experience must come from within. “You must believe in the PwC Experience or your client will see through you,” he says.

Shafiq Jabbar – now Chief Financial Officer of CIMB Malaysia – believes that honesty and sincerity are most important in delivering value to clients. He explains, “Senior management want to know the truth. So you need to understand the subject matter, anticipate potential outcomes, and prepare alternative solutions.”

Building client relationships

The alums also shared with us how the PwC Experience has helped them build client relationships.

Peter remembered how he took the trouble to get to know a car distribution company. “With PwC Experience, I was really able to nurture the relationship that I had with the client. I’m proud to say that from our business relationship, we have now become friends and I see him almost every weekend,” says Peter.

Favourite moments

There was certainly no lack of memorable moments for our alumni during their time at PwC. For Peter, it was an exciting incident on his very first day at PwC. A colleague was called out of orientation to sit in on a client meeting

“My most memorable PwC Experience would have to be the people. A lot of the social activities help dissuade the otherwise long and demanding hours,” Shafiq smiles.

Jennifer was happy to learn that management conferences and treasure hunts are still organised at PwC. “I realise that not every organisation has such events. I truly enjoyed the friendships that you build during those times,” she says.

Sharing and collaborating

“The most important ingredient that the firm has is within the firm itself. Every single individual is an ambassador and a potential for the future,” Shafiq says.

Today, our alumni see things from the other side of the fence. As a client now, Peter expects his consultants to know his business. “I always laugh to myself because I got that a lot from my clients when I was a PwC consultant,” says an amused Peter.

Jennifer’s advice left a strong impression on us. “I’m blessed that my career started in PwC. It’s a lot of hard work, but stay focused and stay strong. Leverage on the opportunities, and learn from your leaders – they will support you whether you’re in or out of the firm.”