reCharge 2012

A touch of nostalgia and a breath of fresh air

When: 18-20 October 2012
Where: Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Penang & Golden Sands Penang

“It was like going on a date with a potentially great lover!” Advisory Manager Lynnie Soo mused. “I was so taken by the many surprises left in my room.”

One would think that Lynnie was referring to a birthday celebration maybe, or an anniversary. But no, she was referring to a management conference, her first.

Lynnie all set for a fun evening with her colleagues
Lynnie all set for a fun evening with her colleagues

reCharge 2012 in Penang was conceived to celebrate our successes as a firm, bring our people together, and sell a compelling vision of our future business strategies. But it also had all the trappings of a great celebration – good food and conversation, games, rewards, and the little surprises (button badges, t’shirts, and notepads) that were left in the hotel rooms by the organising committee.

Energy levels were high as participants sat on bouncy gym balls during a presentation session – ‘a nifty indication of the leaders’ aspirations for better work-life balance at PwC’, in Lynnie’s words. Indeed, our managing partner Sri unveiled a series of flex initiatives at reCharge, such as FlexWear (yay! jeans on Fridays!), FlexMobile and FlexSpace.

"I could really feel the buzz and energy of our people, bouncing on gym balls, while I was presenting. It will be a powerful competitive advantage for us if this same energy can be translated to our work environment,” said Sri. “It was also quite a sight to see some of our normally more sombre partners bouncing and falling over,” he chuckled.

The big bosses show off their bouncing (and balancing) skills
The big bosses show off their bouncing (and balancing) skills

The defining moment for many was the finale - a touching video tribute to our former leadership team (Johan Raslan and Chin Kwai Fatt). It was especially poignant for Sri. “The finale brought the old and new leadership teams together, and was the culmination of an orderly leadership transition process and passing of the baton,” he reflected.

Straight Talk, a dialogue among the three lines of service (LoS) leaders and three Gen Y female managers from Assurance, Advisory and Tax, delivered thought provoking insights on managing intergenerational teams and bringing out the best in our people. The use of web-based live blogging service Coveritlife changed the dynamics of the presentation, promoting real time interaction, enabled by the live commentary of Twitter feeds.

“I especially loved the after-party on day two,” said Tax Senior Consultant Ang Wei Liang. “It was a great surprise being ‘greeted’ by free flow drinks and games like wii, nerf gun shooting, guitar hero, and snakes and ladders, when we were ushered into the function hall after dinner. We had actually thought we were heading for another presentation!”

Gangnam Style by our fab four leaders
Gangnam Style by our fab four leaders

reCharge organisers, Learning & Development Senior Manager Ling Hsern-Wei and his team members juggled a multitude of tasks, including photography, liaising with suppliers, fine-tuning the presentations, and yes, even playing weatherman (some of the activities were weather-dependent).

“But I had fun, and we had great teamwork from our Managing Partner’s Office, HC, the LoS representatives, and BDC,” said Hsern-Wei.

The teambuilding games called for competitiveness, strategy and dexterity. Aptly themed ‘Dare To….’, it culminated in the painting of the ‘Dare to Do’ sign (check out the artwork at Oasis, level 15).

“I’d like us to have more conversations with each other,” said Sri. “Events like reCharge are an important reminder to us that interaction and collaboration can spark off great ideas and results.”

Well said, sir!

A group of people buidling interpersonal team skills to increase team performance

Sri also announced a range of family-friendly benefits at the event, to resounding applause from the audience. This included an extended number of leave days for maternity, paternity and adoption leave. Plus flex benefits in four different areas covering lifestyle, outpatient medical treatment for the family, office attire and gadgets.

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Larger than life’ snakes and ladders at the after-party

It’s mind over matter to get that perfect balance

Wei Liang (3rd from right) chilling at the white-themed dinner

Johan and Kwai Fatt take a bow with Sri and Faiz at the finale