Accounting programmes for corporates

With a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience, our accounting professionals offer:

  • Full range of Financial Reporting Standard (FRS) and International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) solutions to support and guide you throughout your implementation process. Our team of leading FRS/IFRS specialists have extensive industry insight to share in client training sessions.
  • Necessary and guided training to help you address and deal with complex and ever-changing financial accounting issues effecting your business transactions eg. corporate reporting, etc.
1 Getting ready for IFRS  convergence
2 New IFRS for mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
3 Recognising revenue in the new era
4 A look at revenue today and tomorrow
5 A new way of accounting for leases
6 IFRS 9 replacement of financial instruments standards
7 PwC’s 9-Step approach to financial instruments
8 Achieving hedge accounting in practice
9 Identifying embedded derivatives for non-finance personnel
10 Debt vs equity from the eyes of the issuer
11 Current taxation for corporates and PwC’s 9-Step approach to deferred taxation
12 Accounting for share-based payments
13 Impairment of non-financial assets