Convergence and Opportunities in the Healthcare Sector.

Doing Business in Mexico

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One of the main concerns of any country, government and society alike, is to “maintain the good health of its citizens” for productivity and quality of life reasons. Nonetheless, global healthcare systems are facing a critical situation that is challenging the existing way of approaching health, and Mexico is no exception. For example: better aligned financing plans to guarantee medical insurance coverage, the need to implement higher quality standards, the rise of disease management costs, and the increasing difficulty to access healthcare services in a timely manner.

These major challenges also create business opportunities, which PwC Mexico considered indispensable to include during the process of producing this document.
PwC Mexico sees and understands the healthcare sector from a unique and much needed viewpoint, called the Convergence View, which proposes that readers perceive the sector as the sum of the individual dynamics of the regulators, payers, providers and intermediaries who integrate it. With this vision we believe we can offer you a description of the sector’s key issues, and the possibility of operating in a smarter and more innovative way within the Mexican healthcare sector.


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