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Shared Services & Outsourcing (SS&O)

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How we create value for you

Setting up Shared Service centres
We assist our clients set up Shared Service Centres and help turn them into Centres of Excellence. We do so by sharing and implementing the global best practice acquired through our network. The delivery team comprises experts in process, technology, and shared services, with both practice and relevant industry experience.

The opportunity for our client to manage an SLA as opposed to a team of people.

In all our service deliveries, one of the initial steps is to define the KPIs by which we shall be assessed. This provides you with the leverage you need to ensure PwC is delivering at least to the agreed standard. Managing a team of employees directly can be far more time consuming with limitations to the flexibility in up scaling and downscaling at short notice.

Technology as a tool for further automation

At the heart of our own strategy is a commitment to continuous improvement through technological innovation. We aim to be at the forefront of technology to support the way we do things. We contain your costs through increased used of technology to handle repetitive tasks. One example is the integration of OCR recognition tools with accounting systems.

An international reach

The PwC Outsourcing team in Mauritius currently provides outsourced services to global majors in several countries in Africa. We are currently able and willing to provide those services throughout the world at fairly short notice, all managed and substantially delivered from Mauritius.

Exclusive arrangements in sensitive areas

Should you deem that a certain area is commercially or strategically sensitive, we are ready to commit legally not to carry out similar work for your potential competitors. If we are already carrying out such work for other clients, we shall then decline to provide services to you in such areas.

Dedicated accounts managers

We ensure that staff turnover has no incidence on your service delivery. PwC Outsourcing has one of the highest retention rates in the industry, which supports continuous improvement in service delivery. Your account managers are the focal points who work with our processing teams to deliver your work.

Steering committee

We recommend a jointly represented steering committee to evaluate the performance of our team. This provides the structure needed for escalation and regular reporting at Board level.

Our current service offering


We jointly define the end to end process to be outsourced, as well as the clients’ and PwC responsibilities. Accounting entries are raised in compliance with the accounting manual on the basis of source documents agreed upon. We favour electronic workflows and sharepoint technology to manage the documents, which then facilitates your access and preserves your control over your business.

Statutory financial statements and consolidations

We draw up IFRS compliant statutory financial statements for our clients based on their existing accounting systems and management accounts. For large groups, we standardise the information collection in the form of group reporting packs and perform the consolidation of the group financial statements. We have also helped clients reengineer their processes and reporting systems to seamlessly generate the information required for group reporting and financial statements.

Elaboration of accounting and procedures manual

This is a key step in any large organisation to ensure standardisation. We help companies in that endeavour by producing compliant accounting manuals, and in a way that provides for future developments across borders, industries. Training clients’ teams is an integral part of this service offering. More importantly, this integral approach ensures that the procedures facilitate the timely, accurate, and standardised bookkeeping.


We provide compliant payroll outsourcing services. Our clients use us because of the added confidentiality and compliance knowledge for the more complex payroll situations associated to expatriate employment. We leverage our wide reaching network to provide payroll compliance services centrally in any country of the world, but with a particular focus on Africa.

Accounts Receivable management

We support our clients in their debt recovery efforts by organizing their debtors’ ledger properly, ensuring details and supporting documentation are available at customer invoice level. We also provide debtors’ chasing and reconciliation services, as well as periodic health checks of the accounts receivable. Clients find value in such us carrying out such time consuming exercises, which ensures the quality of their working capital, while allowing them to focus on their ongoing business.

Accounts payable management

We validate supplier invoices in accordance with your organisation’s internal control systems. This strengthens your controls through segregation of duties, and we further add value by acting as the focal point of your suppliers on routine matters, escalating only those issues that should be dealt with at a higher level.