Independent Business Reviews (IBR)

Do you need to better understand the reasons for under performance? Are your clients in breach of set bank covenants? Do you have concerns about a business you have an interest in?


How can an IBR help?

Objectives of an IBR

  • Establish the pertinent business issues facing the company. This will assist the creditors in their decision making process;
  • Understand the principal drivers of the business decline and the financial difficulties;
  • Consider the possible recovery options; and
  • Assess the options available to the creditors in light of the current situation.

What are the benefits to you?

We will provide you with information, restructuring options and recommendations to help you develop your strategy.

How is the review structured?

It involves an independent review of the business undertaken by PwC upon engagement by a bank or other financial institution or stakeholder to review the financial affairs of a debtor corporation.

Our approach

                1              First Contact

                2             IBR (financial review, market review, production operational review)

                3             Analyse & Assess

                4             Results (key findings, recommendations, actions)

                5             Follow-up

We can also assist towards the implementation and monitoring of subsequent actions between you and your client, through a common Term Sheet.

We will deliver our analysis of the debtor’s position and summarise the creditor’s options in a written report. Part of all of our report may be available to the debtor.

Download IBR Report