Online Reporting


AfrAsia Bank Limited (“AfrAsia”)

This Award was remitted to Mr Ben Padayachy, Deputy CEO, Head of Global Banking, Treasury and Markets, by Mrs Sharona Rambocus, Judging Panel member.

AfrAsia’s annual report is available as an App on i-pad and on Androids devices.  The bank can be followed on a number of social networks.  It has a financial microsite that is separate from its commercial site.  The website looks modern and dynamic, and has videos of the CEO as well his interviews with reporters.  

Assessment criteria:

Our review focused on:
• Financial information
• Information not made available elsewhere
• Clear and intuitive navigation
• Use of web technology
• Messaging by videos, webcasts
• Access through other media support

Comments from the Judging Panel

What we liked...
• APPS on iPads and Android
• Multimedia and videos
• Investors’ link available from home page
• Breakdown of reports in various sections
• Rapid viewing and quick downloads
• Animations

• Make internet your default medium for reporting
• Provide more and up-to-date information
• Distinguish your financial website from your commercial website
• Favour interactivity
• Personalise relationships