Budget at a Glance


Budget Deficit as a % of GDP

The forecast of a Rs13.4bn deficit in FY12 has been reduced to Rs8.5bn mainly due to lower investments than initially planned. In FY13, with a growth rate of 4%, the Minister manages to post a contained budget deficit of 2.2%.


Composition of GoM revenue

In FY13, tax revenue us up by 10% while Other Revenue increases due to transfers from Special Funds of Rs 1.2bn. Additionally, a dividend of Rs1.8bn is expected from Mauritius Telecom.

GoM revenue


Composition of GoM expenses

GoM expenses are projected to increase from Rs83bn to Rs92bn in FY13. This is mainly due to a 19% increase in compensation of employees post PRB increases.


Public debt as at 31 December

Although public sector debt as a percentage of GDP is expected to decrease from 54.2% in FY12 to 53.7% in FY13, the debt level in absolute terms will increase by 10%.