Telecom & ICT

The budget places emphasis on technology embracement to improve the quality of life of citizens, create competitive edge in the business and improve Government efficiency

Most important measures:

Bridging the digital divide and making technology accessible  to more citizens
Cost of international private leased circuits reduced further by 15%


Some statistics
Entry level broadband From Rs 349 to Rs 200 per month
Distributionof tablet devices to Form IV students 20, 000 tablets
Emerging Leaders Award USD100,000 per project
  • The cost of international private leased circuits reduced further by 15%
  • Government will introduce e-payment gateway to offer mobile payment services
  • The potential of the youth harnessed by enabling easy access to digital device and internet connectivity
  • Secondary schools linked by high speed fibre optics cables
  • Free online training programme offered by Massachusetts Institution of Technology (“MIT”)
  • Incubators setup to encourage young application developers to build competencies
  • Solidarity levy maintained until 2014
  • Television broadcast will switch to digital spectrum by 2013
  • Steps will be taken to accelerate 4G technology across the country with greater sharing of phone masts to transform Mauritius to a digital country
  • Development of hi-tech manufacturing cluster with dedicated industry parks