Public Infrastructure

Government continues to invest in infrastructure as a means to spur growth, improve public welfare and leverage our ocean-based capabilities

Most important measures:

Harbour Bridge, A1M1 Bridge from Chapman Hill to Sorrèze, Port Louis Ring Road (Phase II) and Bagatelle Dam
First steps to diversify the economy towards the maritime extraction industry
Investment in technology to enhance law and order
Incentives for green energy


Some statistics
Infrastructure investment Rs 28.6 bn
Renovation programmes Rs 500m
Healthcare infrastructure Rs 721m
  • Implementation of a broad based infrastructure programme with investment of Rs28.6bn, representing a 39% increase over 2012
  • New Freeport Zones planned near Port Louis and the airport
  • Search for strategic partners to explore and exploit our ocean-based mineral resources 
  • Rs500m for urban and rural renovation projects
  • Rs100m for the acquisition of compactor lorries
  • Rs30m for the Road Development Authority to clean all classified roads in Mauritius
  • Investment in Law and Order enhancing technology, such as computer-assisted identification of suspects, Crime Occurrence Tracking System, video recording of interrogations, new fingerprint and body-fluids search tools
  • CCTV Street Surveillance System extended to several key areas across the island
  • Commissioning of a new Digital Radio Communication System with more than 3,000 terminals
  • Gaming houses, nightclubs and similar establishments relocated away from residential areas
  • Investment in rapid intervention crafts and boats for the National Coast Guard
  • Melrose prison completed by the end of 2013
  • Rs10m for the upgrading of the “Vallée d’Osterlog” Endemic Garden
  • Rs721m for new facilities at Victoria, Flacq, New Jeetoo Hospitals and some Mediclinics
  • New campuses built in Réduit, Pamplemousses, Montagne-Blanche and Forest-Side
  • Rs34m to the Forensic Science Laboratory
  • Funds for the solar water heater scheme operated by DBM doubled to Rs200m
  • 10,000 additional smart meters installed by CEB in 2013
  • Offshore wind farms created in the waters of Rodrigues