Measures focused on increasing tourist arrivals from emerging markets with some support to the hotel industry

Most important measures:

Direct flights to China and Russia
Reduction in lease rental for renovating hotels under reconstruction and renovation
Payment facilities in respect of accrued rentals with dividend distribution restrictions

  • Twice weekly direct flights to China as from January 2013 and one direct flight to Russia before the end of next year
  • Fully equipped training centre for kite surfing adventures and rehabilitation of the One-Eye site at Le Morne
  • Improving the tourist shopping experience of high street retail shops and restaurants
  • VAT refund at the port and airport revamped, simplified and actively marketed
  • Special Holiday Package to Rodrigues  extended for a further year with the minimum number of nights reduced from 4 to 3 to encourage traffic
  • 50% reduction in lease rental for hotels undergoing reconstruction and renovation subject to conditions
  • Reduction of lease rental for sites with severe planning restrictions depending on imposed development constraints
  • Payment facilities in respect of state land lease rentals accrued as at 31 July 2012 provided to hotels that have not distributed dividends in the last financial year and undertake not to distribute dividends during the repayment period