Global Business

Measures brought to restore the credibility and integrity of Mauritius as a financial business centre and to enhance commercial substance of local Global Business Companies

Most important measures:

Tax Residency Certificates issued to GBCs that comply with upcoming commercial substance requirements


Some statistics
Growth 12.4%
  • Position Mauritius  as the location for the setting up of Regional Treasury Centres and Regional Headquarters Administration
  • Issuance of Tax Residency Certificates (“TRCs”) to Global Business Companies  (“GBCs”) only upon compliance with commercial substance requirements
  • Service fee on issuance of TRC
  • Automatic and rule-based penalties on late filing of documents and late payment of fees
  • Signature of a Tax Information Exchange Agreement with India
  • Creation of a new category of non-treaty based global funds that will enjoy tax-free status
  • Licence fees for Management Companies based on turnover
  • Presentation of a Limited Liability Partnership Bill
  • Time limit of 3 months for the registration of all documents pertaining to global business activities at the Registrar-General’s Department, except for immovable property or movable property in MauritiusAnnual additional loans of Rs250m to micro and small enterprises with turnover under Rs10m at interest rates capped at repo + 3%