Employment & Social Measures

The Budget focuses on youth employment, education and  healthcare services.

Most important measures:

Rs330m to facilitate youth employment
Rs721m for new medical facilities and high-tech medical equipments


Some statistics
Forecast unemployment rate 8%
Education budget 12% increase to Rs 1.2bn
Excise duty on alcoholic drinks 5-15 % increase
Excise duty on cigarettes and cigars 12 % increase
  • Rs330m to the Youth Employment Programme
  • Joint public-private initiative to create Skills Working Group to align industry requirement with youth skills
  • Recruitment of at least 1,000 persons  in the Public Sector including the police force, health care and judiciary
  • Government-backed Student Loan Scheme of Rs100,000 for local and overseas tertiary education
  • Rs20m for tertiary education scholarship for students from vulnerable families
  • Improved access to the information age through distribution of tablet computers to Form IV students, a reduced monthly broadband charge to Rs200 and extension of high-speed broadband to all secondary schools
  • Rs130m for hot meals for students in Zone d’Éducation Prioritaire (“ZEP”) schools
  • Child allowance of Rs750 for every child in a family on the Social Register earning less than Rs6,500 per month
  • Child benefits paid only to parents whose children meet a school attendance rate of 90%
  • Rs20m towards child daycare centers in disadvantaged areas to meet standards for registration
  • Maximisation of the impact of Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) by allowing funds to be used to finance child daycare centers
  • Rs721m for new medical facilities and high-tech equipment
  • Enhancement of healthcare service through revised shift system, Continuous Professional Development  (“CPD”) for all medical practitioners as well as setting minimum educational requirements and pre-registration examinations for aspiring doctors
  • Tax relief for expenditure of up to Rs12,000 on medical or health insurance policies
  • Provision for 85 residential units  and 34 serviced lots under a pilot scheme by Ministry of Housing and 50 housing units under the Housing Development Trust Scheme
  • Increase of 4.3% in basic retirement pension and in compensation for beneficiaries of social aid and income support
  • Rs21m to equalise price of rice and flour  in Rodrigues to that of Mauritius, and a further Rs23m to subsidise edible oil, powdered  milk, tea and cement 
  • Sports Études programme  extended to allow for 400 more young children