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“Interactive government to support vibrant communities”

  • Rs200m earmarked to facilitate citizen interaction with government online services such as electronic payments, automated notification and digital signatures.
  • Streamline administrative processes through ICT solutions such as e-Work Permits, e-Registry, interactive kiosks in post offices. 
  • Implement e-Monitoring system to reduce processing time for Building and Land Use Permit to 14 days, and track applications related to Municipalities and District Councils. 
  • Support SMEs’ online presence by providing free websites, and subsidies of 50% for complex websites not exceeding Rs 6,000. 
  • Build national resilience by setting up a National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Centre. This includes allocation of Rs35m for an IT based early warning and emergency alert system. 
  • Continue investment of Rs87m to provide free Wi-Fi connectivity in all public and private aided secondary schools.  
  • Rs 243m allotted for supply of digital tablets to students in public and private aided secondary schools, as from early next year. 
  • Expand Ebène Accelerator facility to Port Louis to promote young entrepreneurs in the field of software development. 
  • Further drop  in the tariffs for International Private Lease Circuits by 16% as from January 2014, bringing a cumulative reduction of 80% since 2005. 
  • Provide Fibre -To -The -Home (FTTH) connectivity to over 50,000 households, by 2014, with an average speed of 30 megabytes per second. 
  • Investment of Rs7bn planned by operators over the next 5 years for connection of the LION and SEAS fibre optic cable between Mauritius and Seychelles, thus enhancing connectivity with East Africa.